Drone Technology


Drone spraying is a method that increases productivity in the agricultural sector. This technology enables precise and fast spraying, saving time and resources, while increasing agricultural productivity and product quality.

Since drones have the ability to spray directly on targeted areas thanks to precise spraying techniques, they save water by ensuring more efficient and less use of water. This method minimizes the waste of water while increasing productivity in agricultural areas with the optimum use of water.

Drone technology enables fertilizer optimization in agricultural lands by precise fertilizer application. By applying fertilizer to precisely determined areas, it increases productivity by using the right amount of fertilizer and supports environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Drones are used to detect and control pests in agricultural areas, enabling more effective control. By detecting insects through sensitive sensors and cameras, it helps to control pests with targeted spraying. This leads to minimized damage through direct intervention and a more efficient agricultural practice.

Drones contribute to environmentally friendly agricultural practices thanks to their precise and targeted spraying capabilities. By applying the right amount of pesticides to the right areas, this technology reduces chemical use and supports sustainable agriculture by minimizing environmental impacts.

With precise and targeted spraying methods, drones improve product quality by applying pesticides directly to the areas where plants need them. This technology protects the health of plants by fighting pests more effectively and helps to ensure quality products.

Drones enable fast decision-making in agricultural areas thanks to their sensors and data collection capabilities. With real-time data analysis, they quickly provide information to agricultural experts, helping them make the right decisions and enabling timely intervention. This increases efficiency in agricultural processes.

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Artificial Intelligence Assisted Agriculture

Using the power of artificial intelligence, we optimize agricultural production. Our algorithms quickly process soil analysis, weather and crop data to make recommendations to farmers to manage their fields in the most effective way. This optimizes water and fertilizer consumption, increases yields and improves harvest quality.


Precision Agriculture with Drone Technology

Our drones enable fast and efficient monitoring and management of agricultural fields. These drones monitor important parameters such as plant health, water needs and pests. Furthermore, thanks to AI-powered algorithms, drones can distribute fertilizers and pesticides at optimal times. This helps farmers increase productivity and reduce costs.

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Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Agriculture

AI can analyze data on soil health,
traces diseases and pests and optimizes irrigation systems.
It also uses big data analytics to predict future crop yields.
This is helping agriculture become more sustainable and profitable.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Control System

mostaş emergency alert sytems


Three Different Emergency Levels

Via user control interface is informed.

User mobile app and is warned from the control and the manufacturer is informed.

UAV emergency landing safety mode switches, if the user intervenes remotely user intervention is suspended and the engineer on duty The UAV is ensured to land safely.

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“I chose Mostaş for my drone purchase because of the quality of its products and reliable customer support. The drone I bought exceeded my expectations and I am now using it for my agricultural work.”

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“I bought a drone from Mostaş Technology and I was very satisfied with the product. It is both a high quality and high performance drone. The customer service before and after the sale was also great.”

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“With the drone I bought from Mostaş, I can work in more areas in a very short time. We can easily carry out spraying operations without damaging the crops.”

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